The Project went like this...

I have found that the Constant Camber® method lends itself well to the backyard boatbuilder. John Marples is always willing to answer important questions by phone and this support comes with the cost of the plans. I tried not to bother him with minutia as his time is valuable, but he has been a resource for construction issues and never fails to remind me to “just get it done and go sailing!”

Marples’ designs are very practical and well thought out. John built his own Jim Brown design Searunner 37 trimaran, Bacchanal, and lived on it with his wife. He sailed over 20,000 miles in the first four years, dashing to Hawaii in the TransPac race, then on to the South Pacific. John always applies the KISS principle– Keep It Simple, Sailor!

The Builder with His Boat

The builder (me) taking his last walk out to Rikki-tikki-tavi as he waits in our neighbor's field for the trip to the Sacramento River.. If you could zoom in, you would see the satisfied smile on my face.