Winter is for Wandering
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2011  Trip
9ah decided to celebrate becoming eligible for Social Security in January 2011 by signing us up for a photo workshop at Ghost Ranch, the former home of Georgia O’Keefe. We journeyed with Mr Higgins along the way, stopping to visit a cousin of Clark’s in Santa Fe, which is just south of Ghost Ranch, leaving Higgins with her for the duration of the workshop. We enjoyed meeting participants from all over the country. The food was cafeteria-style, but we managed to eat LCHF despite the mainly high-carb offerings. The staff was willing to cook beef patties just for us. Plus, we were lucky to have our own private cottage!
We visited many spectacular places, most them new to us, and managed to capture some memorable images, but we also came to the conclusion that February is perhaps not the best time for either photography or camping in a tent trailer. Reasons...
It is very cold at night. 
The landscape is composed of dead browns.
There are no fantastic cloud formations to add interest to a scene.
Despite the negatives, we had a wonderful time!
The Places We Went
CA to Santa Fe

Clark @ Ghost Ranch

9ah @ Ghost Ranch

Taos High Road

Bandelier NM

Mesa Verde NP & Hovenweep NM

Chaco Culture NHP

The Places We Went

Bisti & Needles

Island In the Sky
& Arches NP

Capital Reef & Bryce Canyon NP

Valley of Fire SP

Eastern Sierra2011_Photos/2011_Photos.html2011_Photos/Pages/Bisti_%26_Needles.html2011_Photos/Pages/Arches_%26_Island_In_The_Sky.html2011_Photos/Pages/Capital_Reef_%26_Bryce_Canyon.html2011_Photos/Pages/Valley_of_Fire.html2011_Photos/Pages/Eastern_Sierra.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0