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2012  Trip
We were determined to travel BEFORE all the fall color was gone. November 5 was the earliest we had ever been able to get going, so we felt lucky to be heading for Yosemite. The weather was warm and sunny. We skeedaddled over Tioga Pass just as a winter storm was setting in. Mono Lake was frothed with white caps with winds lifting the dark waters into the sky. Our goal was to take Mr Higgins into Saline Valley for relaxation at the Warm Springs. It would be our first 4x4 excursion into the backcountry. After a night at Baker Creek CP, we jostled past the marker at Bat Rock Road and found a nice spot overlooking the valley. Four days of luxurious soaking later, we headed back the way we came. There were many more places to see before Nina had to report for jury duty on December 17th! Little did we suspect the surprises that lay in store for us. We did know we would be driving as far south as Green Valley AZ to comfort a dear friend who had lost her husband. The miles slid past as the desert opened before us. December 4th would prove to be a very memorable day– we found Miss Trilly!

The Places We Went

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