Winter is for Wandering
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We two – The Wanderers – travel on land between October and March of each year. This is the period of time we are NOT aboard our homebuilt trimaran, Rikki-tikki-tavi, cruising the waters of the Pacific Northwest.
In the past, we have driven our car with camping gear stuffed into every nook. Clark and I enjoyed most every minute, except the freezing temps at night and worrying about beating our ’94 Honda to death on the rougher roads.
Recently, we expanded our means of land travel once again! Now we are able to enjoy two very different ways of touring, both “gypsy wagons” horsed by Zuzu. If we want to get off the beaten track, we can choose to rough it over four-wheel roads with our 1948 Higgins Camp Trailer, Mr Higgins. He puts up with anything we ask. We think he is terrific!
When we want comfort, we call on our 1979 Trillium fiberglass trailer, Miss Trilly. As we towed her back from Arizona in January 2013, we were able to appreciate the warm comfort she provides. We are delighted with her attributes. She is the perfect size for us.
We hope Mr Higgins realizes that his capabilities are unique and that we love him just as much ever! While Miss Trilly offers a high level of coziness, she will not venture willingly far off the pavement. However, she will allow us to travel to those places where a hard-sided trailer is somewhat a necessity (bear country) or where the climate requires. As we cleaned/polished and made her our own, we were dreaming of the places she’d take us in Fall 2013. We invite you to keep track of our progress and of our adventures with Miss Trilly. She has her own blog at Towing Miss Trilly! 

Happy trails,
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the  Wanderers
Names: Clark & Nina (9ah)
Ages: 60+
Travel Time: Fall & Winter
Camera #1: Nikon D90
Camera #2 Nikon D80
Camera #3: Lumix ZS3
9ah’s Favorite Tool: iPad2
Clark’s Favorite Tool: a Road Atlas
Favorite Quote: Fat is the most valuable                 food known to Man. –Professor John Yudkin
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