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Trillium 4500 c.1979
A very sweet 1979 Canadian Trillium 4500 fiberglass egg trailer became ours in early January 2013. We are calling her Miss Trilly and she has her own website now– Towing Miss Trilly. She will be taking us to a much higher level of comfort with her propane heater, 3-way fridge, new foam mattress, & 12-volt lights. We are in love with her and are excitedly looking forward to some wonderful times together.
Thank you, Lloyd & Judy, for patiently waiting for us to find you!

Miss Trilly
Since 2008, we have kept our eyes open for a small, older fiberglass trailer. We checked the internet regularly when we were in town, seeking something along the lines of a Burro, Scamp, or Casita. Ultimately, we decided we had to have a Trillium, a trailer originally made in Canada. We were even bold enough to demand specific features, such as the rarely found front dinette! Trillium owners love their little eggs so much they seem never to part with them. Very seldom did we come across a possibility near enough for us to go have a look. However, ONE did come up... a Trillium 4500 with a front dinette was listed in October 2011 on! We looked at the posting many, many times thinking, “Surely this Trillium has sold. Besides, it is way far away outside Phoenix, Arizona!” Little did we know that our Miss Trilly was just waiting there for us to find her! We went camping with Mr Higgins in November 2012 and found ourselves near Phoenix, wouldn’t you know. We called the number in the year-old ad with fingers crossed. Less than an hour later, we knew we’d made new friends and that the cutest little Trillium was to be ours!
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